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Take the next step in quality assurance.

Quality Assurance and Banned Substance Testing for Manufacturing Facilities and Suppliers. 

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Informed Manufacturer is a global quality assurance program and manufacturing certification for facilities that produce and supply dietary supplements, sports nutrition products and ingredients. Developed to minimise the risks of banned substance contamination in these facilities. 

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About Informed Manufacturer

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Banned substance testing and quality assurance certification for facilities that manufacture and supply sports nutrition products, dietary supplements, raw materials and ingredients. 


The Informed Manufacturer program was developed to help minimise the risk of banned substance contamination within facilities that manufacture and supply dietary and sports supplement products and ingredients. Manufacturing certification allows third-party supplement manufacturers to clearly communicate to their customers, and brands, that their facility meets high-quality control standards and has been assessed to minimise the risk of contamination with banned substances.

Take the next step in quality assurance with Informed Manufacturer.