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About Informed Manufacturer

About Informed Manufacturer

Informed Manufacturer is a global quality assurance programme developed to help minimise the risk of banned substance contamination within facilities that manufacture and supply sports nutrition products and ingredients. Informed Manufacturer is a member of the INFORMED family of global quality assurance and certification programmes for the sports and dietary supplement industry.

Reputable manufacturers of sports nutrition products are able to certify their facility within the Informed Manufacturer programme so sports nutrition brands can easily identify them as having quality systems in place to limit the likelihood of inadvertent contamination. This ensures the integrity of the manufacturing process specifically for the sports nutrition manufacturing practices.

Sites carrying the Informed Manufacturer logo are tested regularly for banned substances using ISO 17025 accredited methods by the world-class laboratories of LGC. Facilities are screened for banned substances to parts-per-billion levels of accuracy, using a robust swabbing and testing process. In addition, manufacturing sites must meet strict quality control standards. 

All sites certified by Informed Manufacturer demonstrate the highest level of commitment to quality assurance in the sports supplement market, providing confidence to sports nutrition brands.

Take the next step in quality assurance with Informed Manufacturer. 

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