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Allicio Nutrition Limited


Allicio Nutrition Limited

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Based in Staffordshire, Allicio Nutrition is a leading manufacturer of diverse powder nutritional products, partnering blue chip customers and entrepreneurial brand owners with an enduring commitment to global ingredient sourcing and producing accessible, high-quality solutions that support sustainable well-being.

The name "Allicio" derives from "allegiance”, symbolising our dedication to working together to achieve excellence.

The brand represents an ambitious vision for the future under the independent ownership of a well-established UK Nutrition Industry pioneer.

Our operating site has a pedigreed history, having initially been established by a significant international food group with over 40 years of business experience in powder blending.

Discover how we streamline supply chains, source the finest ingredients, blend with precision, pack with care, and pioneer breakthroughs. We offer a full solution including in-house formulating, sourcing, blending, and packing. Our packing solutions include bulk bags, pouches, tubs, cans, and single-serve sachets.

Our products span a wide range of categories, including FSMP, sports nutrition, health, and well-being, as well as intermediate breakfast cereal and bakery blends.

To work with us is to experience a partnership built on operational excellence, quality, technical capability, market competitiveness, flexible collaboration, and good governance.