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BARIATRIX NUTRITION EUROPE: 40 years of expertise for well-being and health professionals

Our group is an international leader in creating and manufacturing high-protein dietary products, meal replacements and protein-rich snacks, and other health, functional and nutritional foods, aimed at:

  • weight management and weight control,
  • special diets for athletes,
  • diets for senior citizens or persons with specific nutritional requirements.

A proven track record in the nutrition sector
Thanks to our collaboration with nutrition experts with a worldwide reputation, we have, over the years, built a broad and deep expertise from the intensive study of nutritional requirements and metabolic processes, notably in the case of energy-restricted diets, as well as from an understanding of consumer behavior.

This positions us as the natural partner of choice for your national or international markets; we can provide you with expert support by creating products and programs tailored to your requirements, guaranteeing maximum efficacy.

Research and Innovation: our priorities
Our teams of biochemists and engineers consider innovation and scientific research as absolute priorities in developing top-quality nutritional products, tailored to the requirements of the end-consumer.

Our diversified product ranges (variety of textures and forms, original or standard flavors, practical packaging), carefully developed to be flavourful, are available for commercialization in most countries worldwide (1). Naturally, all our products respect international and European regulations, as well as good manufacturing practices.

A custom solution that meets your requirements
Our professional marketing and commercial service provides our clients specialized in distribution with tailor-made, efficient solutions to help them establish a leading position of their market, thanks to innovative concepts and products, using standard or customized formulas and providing them with a genuine competitive advantage: superior quality and an unbeatable quality to price ratio.

Today millions of people around the world regularly use our products with satisfaction and effectiveness. YOUR success is OUR success.
(1) Subject to the specific applicable import and export regulations in each country.