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Science in Sport PLC

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Science in Sport PLC

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Science in Sport is the world’s leading performance nutrition brand. Combining world-class knowledge and scientific formulations to provide optimal performance solutions across the nutritional need states of energy, hydration, and recovery. Through our world-leading research and innovation programme, we formulate evidence-based products that truly impact performance. We push the boundaries of science and nutrition, so you can push the boundaries of performance.

Everything we do is Fuelled by Science. Since 1992, Science in Sport has fuelled Olympians, World Record Holders, and World Champions from Cyclists to Swimmers and Heptathletes to Runners. Science in Sport is currently the official sports nutrition partner to professional cycling organisations Team INEOS, German Cycling Federation, and Legion of LA. SiS is also the partner of other high-performing elite institutions around the world such as USA Triathlon & English Institute of Sport. Globally, Science in Sport fuels over 150 professional soccer clubs and is Performance Research Partner to the England Football Association. Science in Sport is trusted by professional and Olympic athletes in a range of sports, across the world. A key component of this trust is our approach to preventing banned substances from entering our supply chain and finished products.

We hold both Informed Manufacturer and Informed Sport Certification. Every single product of Science in Sport is screened against the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances.