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Benefits of Informed Manufacturer: Columbia Nutritional

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Why certify your facility with Informed Manufacturer? What are the benefits? We spoke with Jessica Bannon, Director of Quality and Regulatory for recently certified manufacturer Columbia Nutritional to learn more about why they chose to certify with Informed Manufacturer and the importance of third-party testing for their facility.

Why did you choose Informed Manufacturer to certify your facility?

Mitigating the risk of cross-contamination, from ingredients prohibited in competitive sport to other food safety hazards, is a top priority for us. The emphasis that Informed Manufacturer places on food safety and traceability aligns with our focus on manufacturing high-quality products that are free from adulteration. Therefore, we were excited to become part of an organisation that shares our goal of going above and beyond the minimum requirements and partner with brand holders who seek those qualities in a co-manufacturing partner.

Why is third-party certification important?

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Although we're always looking for opportunities for improvements through our internal audits, CAPA program, and trend analyses, it is important to have regular assessments by external subject matter experts to help us grow in all areas. A third-party certification is a valuable tool that keeps us on the leading edge of industry standards and is an open symbol of our commitment to being an outstanding partner in quality manufacturing for our customers.

About Columbia Nutritional

Columbia Nutritional is one of the largest contract manufacturers of dietary supplements in the Pacific Northwest. We research, design, formulate, manufacture, and package superior dietary supplements for customers around the world. Our 75,000 square foot facility hosts the ability to produce capsules, tablets, and powdered products within individually enclosed manufacturing suites, and also includes an in-house laboratory for efficient and reliable testing. Quality and regulatory compliance are at the heart of everything we do, and our team members work collaboratively to provide high-quality products on time. We are committed to continuous improvement and value our ability to build genuine partnerships with our customers based on transparency and trust.

Informed Manufacturer Columbia Nutritional

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About Informed Manufacturer

Informed Manufacturer certification showcases that a facility has the necessary quality systems in place to reduce the risk of inadvertent banned substance contamination, demonstrating a commitment to quality assurance. 

To achieve certification, facilities undergo a robust certification process to optimise quality control procedures and to minimise the risk of banned substance contamination. In conjunction with a paper-based assessment, facilities are swabbed at critical control points and are analysed for 250+ banned substances using ISO/IEC 17025 accredited methods. Upon completion a site will be accepted with Informed Manufacturer, where they may display the programme logo to showcase their commitment to quality assurance and minimising banned substance risks to potential customers.