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Demonstrate Your Commitment to Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance - Informed Manufacturer

Having a certified supplement manufacturer is essential for any supplement brand looking to produce high-quality dietary supplements. The Informed Manufacturer programme allows suppliers and manufacturers to demonstrate their commitment to safety, quality, and compliance with industry standards. By having the Informed Manufacturer logo displayed on marketing materials, companies can ensure customers have peace of mind that they are purchasing from a reliable, certified supplement manufacturer.

The rigorous certification process used by the Informed Manufacturer programme involves detailed assessments and reviews designed to evaluate manufacturing practices and procedures. This ensures all areas of production, from raw material sourcing to finished product testing, meet the highest standards in safety and quality. Certification also includes regular audits of each manufacturing facility for ongoing assurance that operations remain compliant with good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations.

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Having a certified supplement manufacturer is essential for companies looking to provide safer products and demonstrates that they have a robust quality system in place to minimise the possibility of contamination. With this Informed Manufacturer certification, companies can use the Informed Manufacturer logo as proof of their commitment to quality assurance and safety standards. Supplement manufacturing requires strict attention to detail and rigorous testing, making it vital for brands and companies to source from certified suppliers who put the necessary measures in place. Having access to reputable manufacturers with recognised certifications helps provide peace of mind that products are safe for consumers.