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The Science Behind Informed Manufacturer Certification

The Science Behind Informed Manufacturer Certification

As a reputable supplement manufacturer, you take pride in ensuring your manufacturing facility produces high-quality supplements that meet regulatory standards. You want to provide your customers with the assurance your facility has high-level quality systems in place to limit the likelihood of inadvertent contamination. How can you ensure that? Enter the science behind Informed Manufacturer certification.

LGC, the globally recognised testing laboratory behind Informed Manufacturer, boasts more than 55 years of experience in regulatory analysis, with a particular focus on sports doping control and research. As a world leader in anti-doping and manufacturing supplement analysis, LGC has conducted over 500 man-years of research and published over 400 scientific papers on the topic. With such an extensive background in regulatory analysis, LGC brings unparalleled expertise to supplement testing and certification.

For more than 15 years, LGC has been testing supplements, ingredients, and manufacturing sites, performing tens of thousands of tests in that time. LGC's research has included investigating the prevalence of prohibited substance contamination in supplement manufacturing products. This research has enabled LGC to develop rigorous testing methods and certifications that reassure consumers that they're receiving safe and effective products.

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The test methods used for the analysis of supplement products and ingredients are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, which is a globally recognised standard relating to laboratories and test procedures. LGC has held this accreditation since 2003 and must conduct extensive validation analysis to assess matrix, compound, and detection performance before adding any substances to its core screening programmes. Within the UK, (at LGC Fordham), accreditation is granted by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS - laboratory number 1187). Within the US (at LGC Lexington), accreditation is granted by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA - certificate no. 3244). These accreditations demonstrate LGC's commitment to quality and its rigorous testing standards.

Obtaining Informed Manufacturer certification offers many benefits to your manufacturing facility. Certification can provide an important competitive advantage, as it demonstrates your facility's commitment to quality and safety. It can help increase customer loyalty, attract new customers and clients, and differentiate your facility in a crowded market. Moreover, Informed Manufacturer certification can reduce liability risks.

Informed Manufacturer certification from LGC provides a globally recognised certification that demonstrates your commitment to quality and safety. LGC's rigorous testing methods and accreditations show how seriously they take supplement testing and certification, and getting certified by them shows how serious you are too. Additionally, achieving Informed Manufacturer certification can offer numerous benefits to your facility, such as increased customer loyalty, decreased liability risks and a competitive edge in the supplement industry. Contact LGC today to find out how their testing and certification services can benefit your manufacturing facility.