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What are the Benefits of Certification?

Informed Manufacturer Benefits

The sports nutrition and dietary supplement industry is inundated with a wide range of products from different manufacturers and suppliers. With the market being so saturated, it can be challenging for consumers to identify which products are genuinely safe and of good quality. This is why it is critical for manufacturers to take steps to reassure their customers about their commitment to quality. One way reputable manufacturers can achieve this is by obtaining Informed Manufacturer certification

Informed Manufacturer certification is specifically designed to minimise the risk of contamination of banned substances, particularly in facilities that manufacture sports nutrition products and dietary supplements. Obtaining this certification from a reputable third-party certification programme can significantly boost the credibility of a manufacturer. It is an indication to potential clients that a facility has taken the necessary steps to establish strict quality systems and protocols to limit the chance of inadvertent contamination.

One of the critical benefits of Informed Manufacturer certification is that the manufacturing facility will undergo regular testing for banned substances. These tests are conducted by the world-class laboratories of LGC, which is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. Manufacturing sites undergo a stringent swabbing and testing process to minimise the risk of banned substance contamination at parts-per-billion levels of accuracy. This level of accuracy far surpasses the industry standard. Therefore, manufacturers with Informed Manufacturer certification can assure their customers that their products are safe and have been robustly tested for banned substances.

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Informed Manufacturer certification also indicates that the manufacturing facility adheres to strict quality control standards. This is particularly relevant for manufacturers of sports nutrition products and dietary supplements as these categories face intense scrutiny from regulatory bodies. Manufacturers with Informed Manufacturer certification demonstrate that they take their quality control protocols seriously, which increases customer confidence in their products. It also reduces the likelihood of product recalls or regulatory sanctions associated with non-compliant goods.

In conclusion, Informed Manufacturer certification is essential for all manufacturers and suppliers of sports nutrition and dietary supplements. It ensures that facilities have stringent quality systems in place to limit the risk of contamination of banned substances. Obtaining this certification not only boosts the credibility of a manufacturer, but also provides customers with confidence in the safety and quality of their products. By undergoing regular testing and adhering to strict quality control standards, manufacturers can reduce the likelihood of product recalls, regulatory fines, and most importantly, the harm that contaminated goods can cause to consumers. Therefore, we recommend that all manufacturers and suppliers of sports nutrition and dietary supplements prioritise obtaining Informed Manufacturer certification.